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CENSUS available on microfiche:


1801 census complete index,

details for some shires.

PARISHES available on microfiche:


AABY parish, Kær shire, Aalborg county
1814-1834 baptisms, confirmations, marriages,
                 entry and exit lists, burials
1834-1855 baptisms, confirmations, marriages,
                 entry and exit lists, burials
1852-1892 baptisms only

VOR FRELSER (Our Saviour) parish, Copenhagen
1759-1800 baptisms, marriages, burials
1801-1811 baptisms


OSLO Domkirke (Cathedral) parish. Christiania

1807-1817 engagements, marriages, baptisms,
                 burials at Vor Frelses graveyard
                 burials at Vaterland graveyard 1802-1811
                 burials at the new graveyard 1811-1817
1817-1824 baptisms 1817-1821
                 burials 1817-1823
                 confirmations 1817-1823
                 parish entry and exit lists 1817-1823
1821-1824 births 1821-1823
                 burials 1823-1824
                 confirmations 1823-1824
                 entry lists 1823-1824
1823-1824 births
                 confirmations 1824
                 burials 1824
                 marriages 1824
1824-1830 baptisms
                 marriages 1824-1828
1844-1850 baptisms (some until 1864), confirmations
1850-1857 baptisms, confirmations
1879-1892 births (including non-Lutherans)

AKER parish, Christiania (Oslo)
1853-1857 baptisms, marriages, burials

VESTRE AKER parish, Christiania (Oslo)
1857-1868 baptisms

EIDSBERG parish, Østfold county
1905-1917 baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials
1917-1937 baptisms, marriages, burials

FOLDA parish, Nordland county
1836-1856 baptisms, confirmations, marriages,
                 burials, parish entry and exit lists, vaccinations

HAMARØY parish, Nordland county
1849-1862 baptisms, confirmations, marriages,
                 burials, parish entry and exit lists,
                 vaccinations, list of church services held

KARLSØY parish, Troms county
1878-1902 baptisms, confirmations, marriages,
                 burials, parish entry and exit lists

KVIKNE parish, Hedmark county
1815-1840 baptisms, confirmations, marriages,
                 burials, parish entry and exit lists

LINDAAS parish, Hordaland county
1854-1869 baptisms

NES parish, Romerike, Akershus county
1883-1898 baptisms, confirmations, marriages,
                 burials, parish entry and exit lists

NES parish, Hallingdal, Hedemark county
1814-1825 baptisms 1815-1823
                 marriages 1815-1823
                 confirmations 1815-1823
                 parish entry lists 1815-1825
                 parish exit lists 1815-1821

OFOTEN, Nordland county
1765-1851 baptisms, burials, marriages, confirmations

ONSØY parish, Smaalenene county (Østfold)
1733-1814 marriages, baptisms, burials
                 vaccinations 1818-1827
                 confirmations 1726-1772, 1804-1814

SKOGN parish, Nord-Trøndelag county
1747-1803 baptisms 1747 - 1782
                  marriages 1747 - 1803
                  burials 1747 - 1795

SLIDRE parish, Oppland county
1724-1814 baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials

SOGNDAL parish, Sogn og Fjordane county
1867-1907 deacon's records
                 combined records of baptisms,
                 marriages and burials

TRONDHEIM, Domkirke (Cathedral) parish,
                 Sør-Trøndelag county
1898-1911 deacon's records
                 baptisms, confirmations, marriages


EDA, Värmlands county
births 1764-1781, 1796-1806

HÄLSINGBORG, Malmöhus county
births 1798-1801

LÅNGELANDA, Göteborg och Bohus county
births 1841-1850, 1852-1858

YSTAD, Malmöhus county
St. Maria parish
births 1864-1873
St. Petri parish
births 1860-1884

NORRKÖPING, Östergötland county
St. Olai parish
1827-1844 births, marriages, deaths
Hedvig parish
1832-1856 births, marriages, deaths

ROMA, Gotland county
births 1860-1880

Klara parish                births 1873-1874
Adolf Fredrik parish    births 1873-1874
Brönnkyra parish        births 1873-1878
Hedvig Eleonora or Ladugårdsland parish
                                  births 1873-1874
Maria Magdalena parish
                                  births 1873-1874
Nikolai or Storkyrko parish
                                  births 1873-1874
Katarina parish           births 1873-1874
Ulrika Eleonora or Kungsholm parish
                                  births 1873-1874
Jakobs & Johannis parish
                                  births 1873-1874
Kungliga Svea Artilleri-regiment parish
                                  births 1860-1875

SÄTTNA, Västernorrland county
housevisits 1841-1849
births 1836-1854

ÄLVDALEN, Kopparberg county
births 1836-1843

TOSTARED, Älvsborg county
housevisits 1858-1860

SUNDSVALL, Västernorrland county
housevisits (10% only) 1881-1886 (2 books)

TINGSTAD, Östergötland county
housevisits 1816-1826

LINKÖPING, Östergötland county
1817-1836 births, deaths, marriages

MORA, Kopparberg county
housevisits 1758-1770 (20 % only)

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